Meet the team...

Get to understand our players with a little help from our dedicated Marketing team. We define ourselves by our insatiable desire to understand the player and provide them with amazing experiences that keep them coming back for more.

Our team includes areas such as Brand Management, Social Media, Affiliates, SEO, and more. Each one of these departments is stocked with outstanding individuals who are experts in their field, but more than anything we also look to recruit people who will be a good fit with our culture. One of the company’s core values is to Stay Wonderfully Weird, and we like to think that we do just that! We love people who challenge the status quo, so bring your fresh ideas and tell us what you think we could be doing better. No, really!

One thing we’re so proud of as a team is our position on responsible gaming within the industry. While marketing can sometimes be infamous for overpromising and misleading consumers, we strive to place ourselves as industry leaders in healthy player relationships.