Meet the team...

The Design team at Gamesys is a multi-skilled department consisting of more than 60 people and made up of graphic designers, UI designers, illustrators, animators, motion graphics designers, video editors, marketing designers, and front-end developers! All the skills needed to create top quality design work.

As a Gamesys designer you will be working on both customer facing products, from the games we make to the sites we host them on, but you will also work on projects that are destined entirely for internal consumption.

Our designers come from a wide range of different backgrounds and that diversity makes for an incredibly rich department. If you want to join us at Gamesys, we’re looking for people who love design as much as we do. People who are open-minded, creative, and versatile, but above all, people who are unafraid of a challenge, and willing to learn new things. If you want to catch our eye a rich and varied portfolio and a mind full of fresh and innovative ideas is a great place to start.

If you’re interested in crafting entertainment with care and giving every piece of work that unique Gamesys twist, then get in touch!