Wellbeing Month at Gamesys – Learning to Thrive


July was Wellbeing month at Gamesys. Over the course of the month, we put into action our plan to put employee wellbeing front and centre, and not just for July!

As a company, we want Gamesys to be the kind of place where our employees can feel happy and comfortable at work, and that means investing in the services and people to provide support where it’s needed.

We kicked things off with the launch of our Wellbeing Box, a care package containing a few simple things that we hoped would enhance employee wellbeing: a reusable water bottle, resistance bands, a pillow sleep spray, an energising box of green tea, and a mouse mat emblazoned with tips to help our employees mindfully navigate their workday (which we’re sharing with our readers below, in the hopes that you too will take these tips on board). Each item was carefully selected to complement one of the areas of wellbeing we wanted to highlight throughout the month: nutrition/hydration, mental health, sleep, and movement.

We recognise that the last 18 months have been challenging for us all, and that mental self-care is more important than ever. We wanted to offer our employees more support in this space with a few new initiatives – the first of which was Ergo: a framework which outlines the minimum home working setup standards and provides our employees with an allowance to help make their home office more comfortable and sustainable. We also launched a new group-wide employee assistance programme, which offers counselling and coaching for all our employees and their family members, in up to 75 languages, and on a 24/7 basis.  

Sleep is a vital component of a healthy mind and body, but its importance is often overlooked. We wanted to bring in an expert on this topic and were thrilled to welcome Professor Matthew Walker in conversation with our Chief Product Officer, Phil Tuck. Professor Walker is a scientist and professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. He spoke at length about the evolution of sleep and its impact on human health. It was an eye-opening talk, and if you want to know more we heartily recommend checking out Professor Walker’s bestselling book Why We Sleep.

Throughout the month, we also encouraged our employees to get up and get moving! All of that sweating and frantic motion resulted in the video below, in which some of our more energetic employees provided the more sedate among us the motivation to be less of a slugabed and more of a go-getter!

Our last initiative of the month was the launch of our new wellbeing platform, THRIVE. We worked with our partners, Virgin, to implement this new benefit which offers tools and resources to support our employees in their wellbeing journey. The platform allows us to track healthy habits across all facets of wellbeing, connect with colleagues, participate in fitness challenges, and earn points and prizes in the process.  

Ultimately, we want our employees to thrive and this was our motivation behind this wellbeing campaign.    

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