Responsible Gambling (RG) has always been part of our core DNA here at Gamesys. We continuously strive towards our purpose to ‘’Craft Entertainment with Care’’ and that begins with putting our players first and protecting their experience with us.

In an effort to deliver the best experience for our players, we introduced a new RG measurement tool in 2021, which we are calling ‘The Gamesys STRIPEs‘! ‘Earning your stripes’ is based on the concept of awarding someone who has excelled in their field. 

Six months into the year, we launched a STRIPEs week last month to update all our employees on the progress across the six key areas developed as part of this new measurement tool, that best measure our performance and commitment within the world of Responsible Gambling. All our STRIPEs are annual targets, and here is a summary of what they measure:


We do a great deal of work in the area of RG but it ultimately means nothing if it has no impact. We wish to be industry leaders within the realm of RG, and this is why we think it’s vital that we ask our players if they feel we are responsible as an operator. 

We ask our players a series of questions around their satisfaction and RG across two of our main markets, and plan to roll this out to all of our territories. We monitor the progress on a regular basis and this stripe is earned at the end of the when results show that players are really happy with our brands.


Whether in Marketing or Tech, we want to make sure all our employees understand and stand behind our commitment to #BeThePlayer and Responsible Gambling. This is why we provide compulsory RG training for all our employees, and not just to those who engage with our players directly. This stripe is earned when all our employees complete our RG and compliance training modules.

Responsible Gambling Tools

Similarly with players, we need to make sure they are fully aware of our Responsible Gambling measures. It is essential that we continue to educate and make them aware of the tools we offer, and how to use them. 

A lot of our data suggests that using these tools help our players stay happier and more in control. We are always working to increase external education of these tools to allow players to take full control of their experience – it’s all about positive play.


Wellbeing and mental health have always been a priority for us; towards our employees, our players and our communities. We understand the value of investing in research, education and treatment of mental health issues. For this reason, we are committed to further invest in this field through The Gamesys Foundation.

Player Interactions

Whenever we identify players who could be displaying potential early signs of disordered or problem gambling, our Customer Experience Team are trained to step in to support. We take every measure to ensure that their experience with us remains a positive one and 84% of our players show a reduction in their risk score after we reach out.

Every interaction has a significant impact on their behaviour on-site, and this is why we think it’s so important to track. It clearly shows the impact that our work and teams have on players.

Employee Pride

You can have the best technology, algorithms, and research around, but we believe that employee culture is still key to providing a safe environment for our players.

Our last company survey showed that 98% of all our employees agreed that we take responsible gambling seriously and all of us at Gamesys are very proud of that. Our mission is to make sure, that number remains strong and our employees continue to attest to that.

Are you ready to earn your stripes? – Check out our job section and join our mission!

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